Always Awesome Mixed Pack

Ready to crush this? The Always Awesome Mixed Pack includes 8 curated craft beers featuring styles from some of the best breweries across Australia, delivered conveniently to your door. 


Always a crowd-pleaser! Receive 10 curated craft beers (8+2 FREE!) from the best of Australian breweries, tasting notes, and an optional personalised gift card. Treat yourself cool crafties for Summer or delight a beer lover.

Smart beers, at smart prices—that’s our guarantee.


  • Black Hops East Coast Haze Hazy Pale Ale
  • Bright Brewery Alpine Lager
  • Stockade Splicer XPA
  • Brick Lane One Love Pale Ale
  • Mornington Peninsula Brown Ale
  • Bells Beach Raglan Hazy Hazy IPA
  • Gweilo Hazy IPA
  • Deeds Pre Game Pale Ale
  • Modus Outer Disco Milky Tea Beer
  • Mismatch Dark Ale
  • Personalised Gift Card (Optional)
  • Free delivery

*Our Always Awesome Mixed Pack crafties are subject to availability and change bi-monthly.

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Notes from the Breweries

Beneficial Beer Stone Cold Lager

- Lager
- ABV: 0.5%
- Beneficial Beer Co.
- 375ml Can

Award-winning classic all malt non-alc lager, with traditional malt and estery yeast character, as well as some subtle noble hop character. Its got a lowish body, balanced with soft bitterness, making it highly drinkable and beery. The beer is brewed by the IBA Indies Lager gold medalist and crafted by the very own, legendary Bruce Peachey. So next time you’re craving a beer, reach for this lager and enjoy all the flavour without any guilt!

Bright Brewery Alpine Lager

- Lager
- ABV: 4.5%
- Bright Brewery
- 355ml Can

Bright Alpine Lager - voted Victoria’s #1 independent lager! Crisp, refreshing and as bright as the sun rising over the mountain ranges, Bright Brewery’s Alpine Lager is a fitting ode to their home town, the gateway to Victoria’s beautiful High Country. Alpine has subtle floral and tropical flavours sourced from local hop growers. It’s the perfect reward for thirsty adventure-seekers. MountainCrafted for adventure – and the friends that love to share it.

Jervis Bay 11 Days Pale Ale

- Pale Ale
- ABV: 4.7%
- Jervis Bay Brewing Co.
- 375ml Can

Imagine walking from Jervis Bay to Sydney. The crew onboard the cutter Nancy washed up on shore in Jervis Bay in 1805 and it took them 11 days to walk all the way home to Sydney. Sure hope there was a refreshing pale ale waiting for them. Bright and approachable, 11 Days Pale Ale is crisp and refreshing, with subtle notes of passionfruit and a dry finish. Perfect for every summer day – not just 11 of them!

Loophole Quick Hare Cape Ale

- Pale Ale
- ABV: 4.2%
- Loophole Brewing Co.
- 375ml Can

A full-flavoured but sessionable ale incorporating toasted barley, oats and wheat malt. The addition of Vienna malt adds a subtle toasted bready aroma. The generous use of three Australian grown hops, Enigma, Vic Secret and Galaxy, give a unique bouquet of fruit and floral aromas - passionfruit, white grape and stone fruit. Brewed off the grid in regional South Australia using 100% solar, Loophole is making beer, greener too!

Mornington Pale Ale

- Pale Ale
- ABV: 4.7%
- Mornington Peninsula Brewery
- 375ml Can

This American-style pale ale pours a cloudy golden yellow with a tightly packed white head. On the nose you get both citrus and passionfruit aromas, showcasing American hops added late in the brewing process. A light smooth palate, aided by the generous addition of wheat malts, moderate bitterness and carbonation make for a flavoursome and sessional ale. Deliciously refreshing and easy going, this is a must-try from the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Recreation Easy Ale

- Pale Ale
- ABV: 2.5%
- Recreation Brewery
- 330ml Can

An AIBA award winning, easy drinking new world pale ale. Crisp and bright with a hint of tropical and citrus notes. The ultimate “lifestyle” beer for active consumers who want to enjoy the moment without the headaches and the FOMO. Our Easy Ale is a great option for long lunches, work drinks, summer sessions, mid-week socialising or when there’s a need to be on your A-game the following day.

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

- Pale Ale
- ABV: 4.4%
- Stone & Wood Brewing Co.
- 375ml Can

Inspired by their home on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, Stone & Wood brew their golden hazy Pacific Ale with all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops from Tasmania. These elements give the beer its big tropical fruit aromas, flavours and refreshment and make it the perfect companion to a summer’s day. If you’re yet to try it, you won’t be disappointed. It’s an easy, sessionable beer, and it embodies everything Stone & Wood love about Byron Bay.

Twobays Pale Ale

- Gluten Free Pale Ale
- ABV: 4.5%
- TwoBays Brewing Co.
- 375ml Can

The taste of summer; TWØBAYS Pale Ale is American- hopped for subtle citrus aromas and a simple, palate- cleansing easy-drinking body. A straight-forward introduction to gluten free craft beer, this is a crowd-pleaser for everyone. As many as one in four Australians regularly avoid gluten for a multitude of reasons, so you almost certainly know someone who would love to share this beer with you. Don’t have any gluten free friends? Just enjoy with someone who doesn’t want to avoid great beer.

Black Brewing Hazy Pale Ale

- Hazy Pale Ale
- ABV: 5%
- Black Brewing Co.
- 375ml Can

Nestled amongst the towering forests and pristine coastline of the tranquil Margaret River region, Black Brewing Co. aims to create some of Australia’s most uncompromising craft beers brewed and packaged entirely on their Wilyabrup site. Their popular Hazy Pale Ale is no exception - juicy tropical pineapple and berry flavours balance with a luscious mouthfeel and delicate citrus peel bitterness. Smooth and sessionable. A beer you can enjoy all year around.

CBCo South West Sour Tropical

- Sour
- ABV: 4.6%
- 375ml Can

South West Sour Tropical, once a summer seasonal from our Margaret River Brewery in Western Australia’s South West, but now a year-round favourite. Pale, Wheat and Munich malts build a light body with a hint of sweetness and we partially ferment this with a natural acidifying bacteria in the brewhouse. Ale yeast completes the job in the fermentation tank, adding a little extra fruitiness to boot. Hops from both hemispheres provide a vibrant tropical aroma, but with low bitterness to keep this golden sour light and refreshing.

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