The Smart Money is on us...

The Smart Money
is on us...

Affordable Curated Craft

SMARTcraft Beer Club was born in 2020 from a passion for craft beer and a desire to help the growing number of Australian craft breweries share their brews with you, regardless of where you live.

As we all understand, the pandemic has impacted our lifestyles, driving many to online shopping for the first time or more frequently.

Word to the wise is that SMARTcraft Beer Club is here to bring value and quality to everyone. We cater to those savvy shoppers hunting for the best bargain beer box, hard-to-find new and limited releases, or mixed packs that are always awesome!

Smart beers, at smart prices—that’s our guarantee.

We are powered by experience and passion for the industry and a desire to share the stories direct from the colourful characters of the Australian Craft Beer Industry. Discover the latest news, from exciting new or seasonal releases to brewers that push the boundaries! We’ll take you behind the scenes, and share their stories and unique brews.

Discover the best of Australian craft – join the beer club for 8 of the best-curated craft beers delivered fresh every month, or choose from our savvy range of mixed packs, whatever you decide, your taste buds will thank you!

SMARTcraft Beer Club members enjoy 10% off sitewide among many more perks!

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