Recreation Easy Ale

Written by Grant Jones

Light Done Right!

When it comes to less alcohol, how low can you go with a full-flavoured, easy-drinking pale ale that won’t tip you over the edge and still allow you to drive home? Pretty low is the answer.

Recreation Easy Ale hits all the top marks of a craft beer with a much lower alcohol content, around the 2.5 per cent mark, in fact. Unlike some craft beers which can be a little overpowering, this is designed to be easy drinking, not overly fruity. It’s floral without being like a bouquet, so you can drink a few of them and still get that full flavour. And you still feel fresh – as it’s just 0.6 drinks per can!

Talking of full flavour, the brewers are mindful of what they put in there, so while it is lightly carbonated, low in sugar and low in calories, it has all the finesse of a great craft beer with a great profile thanks to dry-hopped Saison which offers a pineapple and grapefruit aroma and a little lemon sherbet and rockmelon. It’s still an out there craft beer, but with the alcohol reduced after the brewing process.

You will almost be surprised at how easy it is to drink, and how sessionable and enjoyable a decent, low-strength craft beer can be. So, no need to hang around drinking soda water all day, and better yet there is no risk of overdoing it. Feel safe driving the family home after Christmas drinks or host a festive season barbie with some grilled meats or fish with no fear of what you need to do tomorrow or worrying about the day after the night before.

The idea for this lower-strength beer had been brewing for a while. And now that it has come to fruition, there has been quite a bit of uptake. While it has mostly male appeal, women are moving towards it, too. It’s already available in draft at on-trend Melbourne hotels such as the Marquis of Lorne in Fitzroy, The Union Hotel in Richmond and the Mt Erica Hotel in Prahran, and now the retro-looking can is now available to order. Plus it’s a good warm weather beer, too, so lets hope summer gets here… eventually.

Recreation Easy Ale

- Pale Ale
- ABV: 2.5%
- Recreation Brewery
- 330ml Can

An AIBA award winning, easy drinking new world pale ale. Crisp and bright with a hint of tropical and citrus notes. The ultimate “lifestyle” beer for active consumers who want to enjoy the moment without the headaches and the FOMO. Our Easy Ale is a great option for long lunches, work drinks, summer sessions, mid-week socialising or when there’s a need to be on your A-game the following day.

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