Written by Grant Jones

The perfect ‘inbeertweener’

The clever clogs at Beneficial Beer Co have dubbed their full-bodied non-alcoholic Stone Cold Lager as the perfect ‘inbeertweener’.

Produced using a tried and tested traditional brewing method, developed by ex Tooheys and Bluetongue brewer Bruce Peachey, BBCo’s Stone Cold Lager has all the ingredients you’d want in a beer – barley grain, water, hops and yeast – with all the flavours and esters you’d expect from a mid-strength lager. While it is brewed in the traditional way, and matured in the cellar for three months, Stone Cold has all the alcohol removed after the brewing process, using reverse osmosis filters, a first in the non-alcoholic beer market.

So it’s brewed as a real beer (3% mid-strength lager) that has all the alcohol removed but leaving all the flavours and esters, so Stone Cold Lager tastes like a real beer. 

While it is a familiar full-flavoured Aussie-style lager without the booze, it has the added bonus of being low in carbs, calories, sugar and carbon emissions. It’s even vegan-friendly! 

“This classic all malt non-alcoholic lager exhibits a traditional malt and estery yeast character, as well as some subtle noble hop character. Highly drinkable and beery, its lowish body is balanced with soft bitterness,”

– Head Brewer Peachey

Peachey has perfected the brewing and alcohol-removal process over several years. They also have a Pale Ale, Pilsener and Dark Ale all in development, so watch this space for their extended range.

Stone Cold Lager is also a great booze-free gift for sober friends and family who have been missing that traditional lager taste or those wanting to slow down their alcohol intake without missing out on the taste. Not forgetting the beer-lovers wanting to ‘go slower, not sober’ this season, this lager will definitely be the perfect stocking stuffer! While we’re non-alcoholic, we are still giving you – and your mates – all the beery goodness with none of those nasty boozy consequences.

Beneficial Beer Co has also brewed up a partnership with BetaCarbon, Australia’s first Blockchain tokenised carbon credits. So drinking beer is not only better for you, it’s also better for the planet. Beat that!

Beneficial Beer Stone Cold Lager

- Lager
- ABV: 0.5%
- Beneficial Beer Co.
- 375ml Can

Award-winning classic all malt non-alc lager, with traditional malt and estery yeast character, as well as some subtle noble hop character. Its got a lowish body, balanced with soft bitterness, making it highly drinkable and beery. The beer is brewed by the IBA Indies Lager gold medalist and crafted by the very own, legendary Bruce Peachey. So next time you’re craving a beer, reach for this lager and enjoy all the flavour without any guilt!

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